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Upcoming Events​

Trentham Race Course

Ghost Investigation

27th Feb 2021

7.30pm to 12.30am

$50pp (must be booked in)

Venue: Trentham Race Course Upper Hutt

Come meet the ghosts at the race course, Built in 1906 a iconic venue.   Our team has visited and investigated this venue and we found it to be very active with the supernatural.  We are taking a group on this investigation to go through the old building and into the stables.  We will give you the opportunity to interact with the paranormal.  Our group has over 20 years experience in the ghost investigation field, we also have equipment to help with communicating with spirit.  So if you want to come on this exciting ghost investigation then book in.

cost is $50 per person (must be prepaid by 20th Feb 2020) limit to 20 people

No refunds.

Contact: [email protected]

Ghost Investigation Fever Hospital Wellington

27th March


$80pp Limited to 13 people

Venue: SPCA building also know as Fever Hospital

Contact:[email protected]

More info below:

You will be taught how to do a paranormal investigation, you will be able to do a paranormal investigation in the designated area's of Fever Hospital. You are welcome to use our equipment or bring your own. We will be doing a Table tipping (this is not a seance and is safe) but is your choice to be a part of.

See if you can walk down the corridor of ghosts by yourself...

We have had a good success rate with people experiencing the paranormal at Fever Hospital.

Taken by experienced Ghost Investigator, Psychic Medium Kathy McBride. (I have been running these at Fever Hospital since the SPCA opened and 15 years ghost hunting experience)

The SPCA is located in one of Wellington's well known haunted venue Fever Hospital which was build in 1919 and was a hospital for people with infectious diseases. It has been used for a few different things in the past but it was left to go to ruin for a number of years when the SPCA took it over. They soon realised that they also inherited a few ghostly residents. Through ghost investigations over the last few years we have identified a few of the spiritual residents, including sister slippers, the care taker, the 3 shadow men, a nurse, laughing children as well as others.

Rules (please read)

You are welcome to bring any equipment you wish to the investigation

No drunkenness or you will be asked to leave

No drugs at all or you will be asked to leave

no disorderly behaviour or you will be asked to leave

no refunds

Disclamier: We are not responsible for you to see a ghost on this event or experience the supernatural (we will do our upmost to help you to experience it but cannot not guarantee it. it helps if you come with an open mind)